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Fire Blade :: Hacked
May 20, 2018, 03:59:39 pm
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Welcome to Fire-Blades,
We hope you have a good time!

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May 20, 2018, 03:59:39 pm

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Server News/Updates
xx Here you go! You can has your site back!
February 21, 2012, 11:35:29 am by Owner Blade

As @RegainFireBlade asked so nicely on twitter, I am giving you your site back.

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xx Price list
February 08, 2012, 08:18:31 am by owner link

Dear players of fireblade,

Me and ryanpwnsu made this price list to stabalise up the economy abit.
It isn't finished yet, and ill make it so u can check prices ingame later. But for now:

To see prices ingame: ::checkprice itemname
I havent done 99/100 of the items. So only the more expensive will work with the command.
infinity blade 2b
zaryte bow 1b
virtus robe top 1.1b
virtus mask 1b
virtus robe legs 1.1b
pernix chaps 950m
pernix body 1b
pernix cowl 960m
Torva platelegs 1.1b
Torva platebody 1.2b
Torva full helm 1.15b
Korasi's sword 1.1b
Third-age druidic robe 400m
Third-age druidic robe top 350m
Third-age druidic wreath 350m
Third-age druidic cloak 410m
Third-age druidic staff 310m
Runecrafter robes 60m
talisman_staffs 20m
Omni talisman_staff 40m
Vendetta mask 100m
Abyssal whip 1,5m
Draconic visage 25m
Overload(4) 1m
Overload(3) 900k
Overload(2) 800k
Overload(1) 700k
Godsword_shard 10m
Godsword_blade 40m
Spirit shield sigil 35m
Guthix hilt 150m
dragon armour 50m
full slayer helmet 95m
Focus sight 45m
Hexcrest 45m
Living minerals 2k
Raw cavefish 15k
Cavefish 7,5k
Raw rocktail 30k
Rocktail 20k
Primal kiteshield 900m
Primal platebody 1b
Primal 2h sword 1.1b
Primal helmet 920m
Primal platelegs 1b
Primal plateskirt 1b
Primal boots 500m
Primal gauntlets 500m
Promethium full helm 800m
Promethium 2h sword 900m
Promethium platelegs 850m
Promethium plateskirt 850m
Promethium boots 400m
Promethium gauntlets 400m
Promethium kiteshield 750m
Promethium platebody 900m
Hollow logs 5k
Lunar ring 300m
Lunar amulet 350m
Lunar cape 450m
Lunar boots 250m
Lunar gloves 250m
Lunar legs 600m
Lunar torso 650m
Lunar helm 500m
Lunar staff 250m
Tormented claws 1b
Zamorakian spear 450m
Zamorakian spear 450m
Zamorakian spear 450m
Zamorakian robe top 15m
Zamorakian robe legs 10m
Zamorakian cloak 20m
Guthix robe top 15m
Guthix robe legs 10m
Saradomin robe top 15m
Saradomin robe legs 10m
Zamorak mitre 5m
Zamorak crozier 2m
Zamorak stole 1m
Saradomin mitre 5m
Saradomin cloak 20m
Saradomin stole 1m
Saradomin crozier 2m
Guthix mitre 5m
Guthix cloak 20m
Guthix stole 1m
Guthix crozier 2m
Zamorak d'hide top 15m
Zamorak chaps 10m
Zamorak coif 5m
Zamorak bracers 2m
Saradomin d'hide top 15m
Saradomin chaps 10m
Saradomin coif 5m
Saradomin bracers 2m
Guthix d'hide top 15m
Guthix chaps 10m
Guthix coif 5m
Guthix bracers 2m
Morrigan coif 40m
Morrigan chaps 100m
Morrigan top 150m
Armadyl godsword 650m
Zamorak godsword 450m
Bandos godsword 350m
Saradomin godsword 550m
Guthix godsword 600m

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xx New Ip
September 28, 2009, 02:44:54 pm by Owner Blade

Sorry guys but we got a new ip, becouse we have been banned from ,dont ask why  Huh
Im member there for 5 years and i didnt even sing in last 3 weeks....
Anyways new ip is:

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